What can we tell you?

Well, we are a couple of southerners who have ended up in the north!

Since we made the big move, we’ve really got into cycling, and the Cumbrian countryside is a cracking backdrop for a nice bike ride. You know what its like though, you want to get out and about but life gets in the way. So we thought, why don’t we enter a Sportive to give us the fear, and get us out on our bikes so that we wouldn’t be wheeled home covered in a tinfoil blanket.

After some furious coffee fuelled googling, we couldn’t find anything nearby. Can you believe that? No, we couldn’t either, so this is where Cross Border Sportive was born…

So it’s basically a couple of mates (and their mates) who like cycling, running an event while juggling jobs, and young families. Its only for fun, for people like us. We’re not athletes, it’s not competitive, and you certainly don’t need to be Bradley Wiggins.  Also, let’s face it, it’s about trying to get a bit fit, so we can we can enjoy a few more beers and eating a couple more slices of cake ….which is why our feed station is a bit like a kings banquet…

That’s us. We’re a small team and we’re still having fun…..4 years after running our first event!

Alice, Oli, James and Emma